OMFListener Startup Task

Startup Task for OMFListener

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Last update: 8/2/2018


To simplify student procedure it is a good idea to start OMFListener automatically with the PC starts (more specifically when the user used to install the Academic Hub toolkit logs in) instead of having it a step. This way OMFListener is always ready to receive messages from LabVIEW and forward them.

To do so the installation steps below show how to create a Windows task.

Windows Startup Task for OMFListener

First start Windows 'Task Scheduler' then click on 'Create Basic Task...' to launch the task wizard.

Name the task 'OMFListener' and click 'Next:: Startup Task for OMFListener

As trigger select 'When I log on' (note: this task should be created under the same user under which the Academic Hub toolkit was installed): Startup Task for OMFListener

Action should be 'Start a program' which will pop up a file selector window: Startup Task for OMFListener

In the file selector browse to the location of OMFListener (check full path at the top, pick the right LabVIEW version for your installation): Startup Task for OMFListener

To avoid having a browser opening up, add 'run -n' as arguments: Startup Task for OMFListener

It's now time to 'Finish' the wizard: Startup Task for OMFListener

Test the new task

Reboot and PC and log in. A console window for OMFListener should display for a few seconds and then disappear. To confirm that OMFListener is running, open a browser and go to URL http://localhost:6008.


If the task doesn't work as expected, re-open the Task Scheduler, double-click the 'OMFListener' task to display its properties and double-check that they match the screenshots below:

Task properties for OMFListener Task properties for OMFListener Task properties for OMFListener Task properties for OMFListener Task properties for OMFListener